Founder of Armour Meat Packing

1828 – 1899

Simeon Armour was the founder of the Midwest Division of the Armour Packing Company. He was born in Stockbridge, New York in 1828 and moved to Kansas City in 1870. His brother Phillip lived in Chicago and was in the meat packing business, and he asked S.B. to go to Kansas City to manage a new branch of the business. Along with meatpacking, S.B. also served in the banking business and was on the board of directors for the Metropolitan Street Railway Company as well as the Kansas City Stockyard Company. He was appointed to the city’s Board of Parks and Boulevard Commissioners in 1892. In 1895, on the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Christian Association, he and his wife donated $25,000 to construct the first Armour Home for aged couples, an elegant nursing home. He died in 1899 from pneumonia at age 71. Armour Boulevard was named in his honor.

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